Three Stone Overweight

Veröffentlicht am 21. Oktober 2014

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“He’s not fit to play football unfortunately. [Adel Taarabt] He played in a reserve game the other day and I could have run about more than he did, so I can’t pick him. I pick people who want to try, who deserve to be a good football club like QPR, who come in every day and want to work, train and show a good attitude. When he starts doing that, if he ever can do it, maybe he’ll get a game. I can’t protect people who don’t want to run and train, and are about three stone overweight. What am I supposed to keep saying? Keep getting your £60,000, £70,000 a week and don’t train? What’s the game coming to?”

(Harry Redknapp, Press Conference London, QPR vs. Liverpool, 19 October 2014)

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