Vor 30 Jahren – Grêmio vs. HSV

Veröffentlicht am 11. Dezember 2013

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Grêmio Porto Alegre – Hamburger Sportverein 2:1

Grêmio Porto Alegre - Hamburger Sportverein

Grêmio Porto Alegre – Hamburger Sportverein

Am 11. Dezember 1983 standen sich der Hamburger SV und Gremio Porto Alegre aus Brasilien, im Nationalstadion von Tokio, vor 62.000 Zuschauern im Weltpokal-Endspiel (TOYOTA-Cup) gegenüber. Schiedsrichter der Finalpaarung war der Franzose Michel Vautrot. Der HSV spielte in folgender Besetzung: Uli Stein, Bernd Wehmeyer, Ditmar Jakobs, Holger Hieronymus, Michael Schröder, Jimmy Hartwig, Jürgen Groh, Wolfgang Rolff, Felix Magath, Allan Hansen, Wolfram Wuttke. Trainer war Ernst Happel. Das Team aus Brasilien gewann die Partie nach 120. Minuten in der Verlängerung mit 2:1. Doppeltorschütze für die Brasilianer war Renato. Den zwischenzeitlichen Ausgleich für die Hamburger besorgte Michael Schröder in der 85. Minute. Aus Anlass dieses Endspiels führte das TV-Format und Sport- wie Fußballmagazin G1/Globo Esporte aus Brasilien ein Interview mit Felix Magath, welches wir an dieser Stelle nachfolgend veröffentlichen.

Interview with Felix Magath

G1/Globo Esporte: How were HSV players facing that match? Was it a priority for the club after beating Juventus on the European Cup Final? The striker Schatzchneider didn’t play the match against Grêmio. Also, mr. Happel had only four substitutes for the final. Would that indicate that, perhaps, that match wasn’t a priority for HSV?
Magath: Of course we were still motivated after we had won the Champions League even after a couple of months, as we were still in the middle of the football season. Travelling to Tokyo and the upcoming game against Gremio were even more motivating. We were all looking forward to the coming football game.

G1/Globo Esporte: Scoring the winning goal against Juventus was the best moment of your career? What’s your feeling everytime you remember that match?
Magath: This was of course the most important goal of my carrier and therefore one of the best goals at all. To win the European Champions Cup – today called Champions League – was a great experience I will never forget.

G1/Globo Esporte: How did HSV manager prepare the players  for the match? Did the team know how Grêmio used to play, or any of Grêmio player before the match?
Magath: There was no Internet that time, communication wasn’t as easy as today. Nevertheless we were quite well informed about Gremio. Playing against Gremio was of course a great challenge and Tokyo was an adventure as well.

G1/Globo Esporte: Do you remember how did HSV’s managers plan the schedule for the club prior that match? How many practice sessions did HSV had on Japan?
Magath: We were in the middle of the football season, therefore in good condition and very well prepared. It was our intention to win the game in Tokyo!

G1/Globo Esporte: What was the main difficulty you faced during the match? And about HSV, what was the team main difficulty?
Magath: We had lost some of our team members and were now playing with a newly formed team. Also we had only arrived shortly prior to the game: All in all not the best preconditions!

G1/Globo Esporte: HSV used a lot of the offside trap strategy against Grêmio. What was the orientation from Erns Happel for the team to that match?
Magath: But we played consequently our game, using the offside trap as a tactical measure, trying to dominate the game from the beginning, capturing the ball in the opponent half. Our team had been much-admired for our pressing.

G1/Globo Esporte: Were there any provocation, like a „trash talk“, between the players during that match?
Magath: No, I remember a fair game from both sides.

G1/Globo Esporte: What’s your most memorable moment of Tokyo and the match for you?
Magath: Lights were glaring brightly. A phantastic impression.

G1/Globo Esporte: Did you bring any souvenir from the match or from Japan?
Magath: Of course I am keeping both the pennant and the medal in a place of honor at home.

G1/Globo Esporte: You stated for Hamburger Abendblaat after the World Cup Final in 1983 that Hamburger SV had a very busy calendar around that time of the year.  Do you think  that the exhaustion caused by it had any bad influence for HSV on that match? Can you blame this exhaustion for the result?
Magath: We were in the middle of the football season, this is nothing you can choose. But we had won other great games under even more complicated conditions.

G1/Globo Esporte: You had a very succesful carrer as a player in Germany and Europe. Do you think that the loss against Grêmio was, perhaps, one of the worts moments of your carreer?
Magath: Defeat always hurts – I have never liked to lose.

G1/Globo Esporte: Would you change anything on the prepararion for that match, in order to have a different result in the end?
Magath: It would have been better to arrive earlier, for sure.

G1/Globo Esporte: What was the feeling after the match? How was the mood on the way back for Germany?
Magath: We did not fly home directly but had to stop over in Singapur and Thailand. Although we did not win the game, we were in a good mood.

G1/Globo Esporte: After finishing your carreer as a player, you began a carrer as a manager for many clubs in Germany. Was that always a plan of yours? How did that happen?
Magath: No. At the end of my active carrier it was clear to me that I was able to influence football in a certain way and I am happy to say I have been successful by winning some important football titles. I have also guided some football players to international class, that’s always a pleasure for a football coach.

(Eduardo Deconto)


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