Alex Ferguson über Italiener

Veröffentlicht am 15. Januar 2014

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„I got on well with all three. Mancini brought a very nice wine. Carlo was a very nice man. Fabio Capello was England manager so I didn’t have the same dealings with them. Roberto always bought very good wine, I’m sorry he’s left! The best was Paolo Maldini. I loved him. A fantastic player. I made an approach to his father and he gave me a look that meant I didn’t need to go back! For United, Juve were the model for us. The teams of Marcello Lippi. They were the best. They gave us some beatings and our great moment in beating them 1999 was the progress was wanted to make. Juventus was the model for that.“

(Alex Ferguson, Buchpräsentation „My Autobiography“, The Telegraph, 22. Oktober 2013)

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