Whose success is it?

Veröffentlicht am 28. Januar 2014

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„I’m happy that Manchester City is one of the best teams in England because I built this team. I think Pellegrini is doing a good job but what is happening now at Manchester City, we did three years ago. It’s the same. The players that score the goals are players that I bought – Sergio Agüero, Edin Džeko, Yaya Touré, David Silva and Samir Nasri. I’m very happy about what I did in Manchester, I love the Manchester City supporters and I had a fantastic experience. After four or five years, maybe the manager needs to change the team. I did my job, I built a fantastic team, we played fantastic football and we didn’t win last year only because Manchester United bought Robin van Persie. He was the difference, if not I think that would have changed the history in Manchester over the last three years. We played really good football and now they are continuing to do this.“

(Roberto Mancini, Ex-Manager ManCity, The Guardian, 22. Januar 2014)


„We are in a very good moment and the confidence of the whole team is very high. The team is a candidate to win all the titles, but we are still far. It’s not easy to score 100, 103 goals by the middle of the season. It reflects what we think about how this team must play. The players feel comfortable in what we are doing, always an attractive team, always have chances to score a lot of goals. We are playing fantastic football at the moment. We play with fantastic intensity and that is how we must continue. The best way to play is the way we are playing now. I know it is easier to go back with 10 players in our box and try and have a couple of counterattacks, but that is not my way, it is not the style I think this club wants.“

(Manuel Pellegrini, Manager ManCity, The Guardian, 18. Januar 2014)

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